Primary School

Little Eden Primary School has a diverse curriculum aimed at caring for the various needs of our students. We enrol pupils from the ages of 4 – 11 years.
The Primary School is divided into 3 groups:
Reception Early Years: 4 – 5 years
Key Stage 1: 5-7 years
Key Stage 2: 8-11years

The Curriculum
Children study all subjects in the National Curriculum. This includes Mathematics, English, Science,ICT (computer skills), History, Geography, Art, Music, Design Technology, Physical Education,Religious Education and Personal, Social and Health Education combined with Citizenship plus Horticulture, Swimming and Manual Labour
(an in-house Community Service programme)

Christian values are taught throughout the school as part of our regular school day and each of our lessons have a spiritual aim with the Bible as our central text book. Our new Bible Curriculum programme ‘Encounter’ ensures that all our children have an ‘Encounter’with Jesus. It encourages a deeper understanding of Bible stories by applying concepts to the ‘heart and hand’ rather than just the ‘head’.

All our students participate in regular Worship and Bible classes. Our chaplain co-ordinates our weekly worship and our yearly Week of Prayer The chaplain also participates in class worships, running Bible study sessions and is available for pastoral visits to students, parents and teachers.

There is also a dedicated Learning Support Team whose primary focus is on the environmental, academic, social and emotional needs of the students. This involves caring for those children who need extra SEN support with their learning and includes those who are gifted and talented. Class sizes are small to provide a more supportive differentiated curriculum during the important early years of Primary Education.

There are a number of extra-curricular activities that are included in the school Enrichment Programme but are not compulsory. These include the After School Club, Homework Club,Table Tennis Club, choir, song writing workshops, Steppers club, Science club and a range of school sports.

We believe quality education cannot be achieved without staff, parents and students working together as a team and our aim is to create such an educational environment.